World Scout Committee Candidacy 2021-2024

My Statement of Motivation

As a serving member of the World Scout Committee, I am geared with the tools to be a part of the team to “Create a Better World”. Being a Scout for over four decades and the experience gained at all levels of Scouting, I am convinced that I can continue to contribute with my Scouting knowledge, legal knowledge and administrative experience. By serving as the Chairperson of the Management Subcommittee for Asia-Pacific Region and the Global Support Team of WOSM implementing GSAT, I have good understanding regarding the position of Member Organizations across the world and am confident I can continue to contribute. I am even more committed in serving as a member due to the current pandemic situation faced by the world and the uncertain challenges ahead for the World Scout Movement. Having taken many initiatives Document 13 – Overview of candidates nominated as voting members of the World Scout Committee 42nd World Scout Conference – 2021 Page 15 of 57 during crisis situations and assisting many communities, I am able to share my knowledge and experience. As a Scout, Leader, Commissioner, and member of the World Governance Team, I have learnt discipline, values and positive approaches which I am ready to continue to impart and share with the youth of the world which will encourage the younger generation to act with humility, brotherhood, tolerance and equality.

The most important issues are overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic which directly affects outdoor activities, camping and physical Scouting. The necessary health and safety guidelines must be adhered to whilst continuing the memento on enjoyment, fun, creativity, and friendship across the globe. We need to take this opportunity, though physical distance has to be maintained how we can keep the Scouting spirit alive through virtual camps, programmes and other activities using social and other virtual platforms. This is a great opportunity for the world to come together as one in new ways of social integration to keep the youth engaged in the Scout Movement. Due to the pandemic, the membership in some Member Organizations has reduced, resulting in a reduction of membership fees which would have a direct impact on WOSM and therefore new strategies need to be introduced to increase membership, reduce cost of Member Organizations and create new income opportunities.

My knowledge and experience over the years will help to support and steer towards achieving the objectives of Vision 2023. As Chairperson of the Management Sub-committee of the Asia-Pacific Region between 2009-2012, the subject of membership growth was within the purview of the committee and we were able to achieve over 90% of the growth targets in majority of Member Organizations and the Region. Being a former President of Leo Club International and Colombo Law Society and other organisations, I have received exposure and training in leadership, public speaking, and disaster management, which will be useful in training young people to be active citizens and to create positive change. Having organised the 46th ARTDO International World Conference (2019) and several Leadership and Law conferences for both adults and youth, I possess the tools necessary to achieve the positive change of youth in their communities and the world based on shared values.

Good communication skills, ability to build bridges of friendship across diverse borders, an avid listener, can gather facts, find solutions, and keep everyone connected appreciating that listening to others is as equally important as speaking. Being a team player is essential to share knowledge, ideas, and other resources collectively, which are basic ingredients of a strong team. Accept both defeat and victory in the same stride. In today’s context resilience is a skill. With uncertain issues and challenges ahead, crisis management and an agile approach is of paramount importance. To be able to produce good results and be prepared to face any challenges under unforeseen obstacles. I am confident that I possess all above skills of leadership and have displayed same through my work and experiences in the past at every level of Scouting, in the profession, in the community and the corporate sector in various capacities.

SLSA's rationale for my nomination

Janaprith has been an active Scout for 42 years and has displayed ample leadership qualities at all levels of Scouting. He has won the highest awards at Scout level and the Wood Badge as a Scout Leader. He has organised and conducted many unique programmes including Colombo Camporee, International Jamboree, conferences, workshops, seminars, training programmes at National and Regional level. He has been instrumental in raising funds for the activities of the Sri Lanka Scout Association almost single-handedly. Being a lawyer by profession, his oratory skills and training of others has made Scouting more popular in Sri Lanka and the management and administration skills he has acquired by serving in the boards of directors of large state corporations banks will definitely be of added value to WOSM. His integrity, passion to serve, experience and commitment to Scouting will be an asset to the World Scout Committee. He has been recognised for his services by the President of Sri Lanka and many heads of state including Taiwan, the Philippines and Malaysia, and also won the Asia-Pacific Regional Chairman’s award. We are convinced that he will be an invaluable asset to the World Scout Committee as he has already served one term.